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About Us

Pristine Window and Gutter Cleaning is a leading service provider all over Sydney Australia. Through leadership in the industry, the team at Pristine have provided over 25 years of fast and reliable service at the right price thus we have established our reputation as the Sydney window and gutter cleaning company of choice for many satisfied clients.

We have two offices in Sydney:
Sydney South: PO BOX 4038, Oatley West NSW 2223
Sydney North: 2/125 Garden St, Narrabeen NSW 2101

Strata:           Peter 0408 99 00 77      Kim       0477 99 00 77
​Office:          Doreen/Janine  02 9533 4476

We currently service over 2000 strata titled properties and numerous real estate managed properties across the entire Sydney metropolitan district including the north shore, eastern suburbs and greater western Sydney. Description of photo here


At Pristine Window & Gutter cleaning we take safety seriously.  All our people are OH&S compliant, having received training which includes Work cover induction and Working at Heights certification.  We adhere to all requirements in the Work cover act and our people are equipped with all the personal protective equipment necessary to safely carry out all aspects of our work.​

Regular documented internal safety checks on our equipment and work practices are undertaken to maintain our high standards of safety.  We are fully insured for Workers Compensation and Public Liability ($10 million) and are happy to provide our clients with Certificates of Currency for both.  Information about our procedures, policies and Safety Management Plan is available upon request​

Reminder Service

A free reminder service is also available to help our clients manage their programmed maintenance requirements.  When our work is complete, we can recommend a gutter cleaning frequency to suit your property.  We will also send a written reminder one week prior to the next recommended appointment.​

We invite you to use this website to learn more about us and what we do. Of course we would love to hear from e all built up debris from your roof, valleys and gutters.  We will flush your downpipes as necessary.  We will also assess the condition of your roof and gutters and report this to you.​

So if you are in need of professional window or gutter cleaning services in Sydney please get in touch and we will be glad to be of service.
Description of photo here

Description of photo here

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