Frequently asked questions

Pristine Window and Gutter Cleaning


Regular cleaning out of debris from your gutters and downpipes will also minimize your chance of internal water damage due to blocked downpipes. Clean gutters also helps extend the life of them as built up debris can cause rust to develop quicker.

That really depends on the amount of trees surrounding the property. We recommend regular cleaning which can vary from between 3 months to 12 months. A good way to judge the build up of debris on your roofs and in gutters is to see how much is on the ground (how often do you need to sweep your courtyards?)

We will remove all built up debris from your roof, valleys and gutters. We will flush your downpipes as necessary. We will also look over roofs and seal/repair any cracked roof tiles. If we see areas where more substantial roof repairs are needed, we will quote for this work to be done. We also take before and after photos of all our work, and send a full report to you.

Yes. We have full Workers Compensation Insurance and Public Liability Insurance to
$10 Million

Yes. It is a requirement of the Strata companies we work for to be audited once a year to make sure we maintain our high level of safety.

For working at heights we have full body harnesses and ropes. If we are working on a flat or tin roof we have portable anchor points to connect to. For window cleaning at heights we use a Tucker Pole system (a water feed, extension pole with brush head.

Our ladders can comfortably reach a four to five storey roof. If there is access through a man hole, we can work over five storeys. Our Tucker Poles reach to 4-4 ½ storeys.

Yes. We do supply and install gutter guards at a competitive rate. We use and recommend Leaf Stopper gutter guard as this is metal so it will not deteriorate like other ones on the market. We can also supply and install down pipe guards, these are often just as effective and are a much more cost-effective option both in the short and long term

Not really, no. For gutter cleaning, we can easily access the roof via ladder. For window cleaning, we just need access to a tap.

We bag and remove debris from roof/gutters. At the completion of the job we will completely cleanup any mess created and remove any accumulated debris from site. To do this we will require access to all common property We may also require access to private courtyards and balconies.

We work within the Sydney metropolitan area.

We can give you an approximate price over the phone based on the information you give us about the size of the building.