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Window cleaning
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Window cleaning

Window cleaning is an often  neglected task, yet vitally important for the presentation of your building. Pristine Window and Gutter Cleaning provides a full range window cleaning services from strata, commercial, residential and retail window cleaning. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, Pristine Window and Gutter Cleaning can remove this headache for you and ensure that your building presents itself in its best possible light.

An important consideration of window cleaners is to use a cleaning system that complies with Workcover regulations. Pristine Window and Gutter Cleaning is proud to meet and exceed these standards and is at the forefront of all window cleaners. One of the methods we use for working at heights require the cleaner to be standing on the ground using a tucker pole to reach your windows. This system uses pure water, fed up a telescopic pole onto the brush head. As we use pure filtered water, windows dry to a drip dry finish with little or no streaks. This is great for getting too hard to access windows.

As a window cleaner, we make it our priority to work around your schedule. We schedule a time and stick to it and cause as little disruption as possible. You will barely know we are there. As a professional window cleaner we run a fast and reliable service that all of our clients LOVE.

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